myTouch 3G Slide On T-Mobile On June 2nd For $149.99, Pre-Orders Available

T-mobile will be launching HTC manufactured based device, myTouch 3G Slide for $149.99 on June 2nd. Pre-orders for the myTouch is available on the official T-mobile site right now.

myTouch 3G

T-mobile will be launching the myTouch 3G slide on June 2nd for $149.99 with taxes and other applicable fees extra. The myTouch 3G slide phone has a 3.4" screen with a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone also has a 5MP Camera and comes with Faves Gallery, myModes and the Genius Button.

The phone will run the Android 2.1 Eclair OS and support both 3G and WiFi. The myTouch has a 8GB microSD card built in, however users can swap the microSD card with a larger memory card. myTouch 3G users will have access to over 50,000 apps available in the Android market place.

The $149.99 pricing comes with a 2 year voice and data contract with T-mobile. For more information visit the Official myTouch 3G page.

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