MyStain: An iPhone App To Remove Stains On The Spot

Many iPhone apps claim to be useful but very few come close to MyStain when it comes to being handy. This app by Clorox is a quick yet detailed guide to remove clothing stains with simple things, no matter where you are. You can search for a particular type of stain by using a keyword or browse through the alphabetical list of various stains that commonly occur such as beer, wine, ink e.t.c.


Selecting a stain would show you a simple solution for removing the stain with minimum number of items and effort. For every stain, the app offers two different solutions; one for on-the-go situations and other when you are at home. If you like a tip, use the sharing feature to easily post it to your Facebook account.

If you are not looking for something in particular, just take app for a spin and see random stain removing tips that can be helpful later on. The app is offered free of cost and be downloaded using this iTunes link. It is a great example of a company using social media to reach out to people and ultimately increasing its market share. As more such apps come into limelight, smart-phones will turn into a more useful breed of gadgets.

[Via Appolocious]

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