Mozilla Submits Firefox Home to Apple for Review

Firefox for iPhone is still farsighted but what is not, is the Firefox Home project. The project recently made its first approach to Apple and Mozilla has submitted the Firefox Home application to Apple for a review. There are high hopes for the app and it will enter the app store.

If you are left wondering as to what Firefox Home is all about, see the coverage we did earlier.

Firefox home is a browsing session syncing application for the iPhone OS. This app is based on Firefox Sync and allows access to the last browsing history, bookmarks and the set of tabs. This serves as an excellent session manager for web browsing and the fact that it is available anywhere makes you feel at home, so the name.

Firefox Home uses WebKit, the base for Safari web browser already present in the iPhone. Clearly, this is not a competition to Apple’s Safari web browser and Apple will not shed it as it did earlier with other browsers. Apart from that, Firefox home will open all web links into the Safari browser and will act only as a syncing and a session management tool.

Apple is yet to confirm this inclusion.


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