Mozilla Firefox Mobile Add-on Challenge

Mozilla has announced a mobile add-on challenge running for a month. Your challenge is to develop an add-on by Monday, the 12th of April. The add-on should be compatible with the latest version of Firefox and should be compliant with the mobile UI style guide. Some possible themes on which add-ons can be developed are:

  • Using device APIs like using functionalities of the camera.
  • Social and sharing tools like tools for photo sharing and twitter clients.
  • Saving files as PDF and other possible options.

This is just a rough idea. Innovative developers will aim beyond this like the CUDA Jetpack winner. Add-ons are supported by both Firefox for Mobile on Windows Mobile and Maemo. This gives developers a wide platform for testing and deployment. According to the contest announcement, the prizes and incentives enjoyed by the winners will be:

A new Nokia N900 Firefox mobile official launch t-shirt Firefox mobile phone cover Promotion of your add-on!

Development resources and contest details are available at this page. The challenge is an attempt to involve more developers into the development of Firefox add-ons for Fennec. The idea of winning ten Nikia N900s is intriguing in itself.

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  • Firefox is just the perfect browser anyone would want on their cell phone.. And it's good to hear that the mobile browser will be having add-ons too..! :)