Mozilla Firefox "Fennec" Mobile Browser for Nokia N900 Coming Soon

Firefox has already captured a huge market share in the desktop browser market. In the next few days, they will start their endeavor to capture the mobile browser share, by releasing "Fennec", the web browser for mobile phones and Internet tablets.


Jay Sullivan, the head of the Fennec project, has told BBC that Mozilla will be releasing the Fennec browser for the Nokia N900 phone by the end of this year, a release for other devices will follow soon after. Mozilla Fennec will be made available for downloads through the Mozilla’s website and also through Nokia’s Ovi Store, so that N900 users can easily download and install it.

Another interesting thing was that, Joe had some hopes on Fennec making it to the Apple Store. However, we think that it would be next to impossible. ‘s Mini was also rejected from the app store.

"Apple is very restrictive. As it’s a pretty closed platform we don’t see that happening soon."

Opera Mini is still the market leader in the mobile browser segment, followed by Safari and Nokia’s default browser. It would be an interesting battle between Opera and Fennec as Safari is only restricted to iPhone now.

Firefox Mobile will have synchronization support with the desktop version of Firefox, so you can access data seamlessly on either you computer or mobile phone. It will also support add-ons, as with desktop version of Firefox. Firefox Mobile will be the first browser to accomplish this feat. The so called Mozilla add-on store we had talked about earlier, will be available for Fennec, there will be a mix of both free and paid apps in the store.

Rest aside, this will be a very interesting launch for Mozilla, as Fennec has been in active development for more than a year and a half now, and was tested on earlier Nokia tablet phones.

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