Motorola Woos Android Developers


Not too long ago Motorola was a leading mobile market holder with its ROKR. Motorola again wants to create the magic but not with its new Moto ROKR ZN50 but its new partnership with Google.

Though Motorola Co-Chief Executive Sanjay Jha has declined to  comment on its much anticipated device, its a good news that their next phone will be ditching the plain old OS and will be integrating Android OS. Motorola’s senior director of developer platforms and services, Dino Brusco, talked up Android’s potential, praising the operating system’s "deep integration with mobile Web services" and its "power to enable truly innovative applications." He concluded the video by saying, "We want all of you to join us in our partnership with Google and journey with Android," and noted that Motorola will help developers create, deploy and market their applications.

Motorola also plans to include some special programs for Android developers encouraging developers to develop more applications for their device. Off late the success of a device is directly proportional to the number of applications available on it. Thanks to the Apple’s App store all device manufacturers are coming up with their own Application store where developers not only share their application but also get novelty for it.

Motorola is to launch not one but two Android based phones both suspiciously for high end users. Its rumored that AT&T will be launching Motorola’s Android based phone.

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