Motorola Unveils The ‘Developer Edition’ Of RAZR; Proves It Has Gone Nuts!

Earlier this month, when Motorola announced its Q4, 2011 earnings, the company stated that it will release less but quality handsets this year, so as to consolidate its brand name and create brand recognition among consumers.

However, it looks like Motorola has already forgotten its promise. Earlier today, the company announced via its community blog that they will soon be releasing the Developer Edition of the RAZR, which will come with an unlocked bootloader. The developer edition of the RAZR will only be released in Europe, though. Developers need to buy this phone outright, that is without a contract, and the phone will come without a Warranty. Yes, Motorola wants you to spend $600+ on a handset, which does not come without any sort of warranty.

The blog post from Motorola does state that the company is also planning on releasing an unlockable developer device in the United States through MotoDEV. In all probability, Motorola will be announcing this unnamed device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, next month.

While its good to see that Motorola will finally start taking the Android developer community seriously, I still cannot understand why Motorola can’t release a single phone with an unlocked bootloader. Why do developers need to buy a different variant of the phone? Hopefully, Motorola will soon realize their mistake, or we need to wait and see how Google’s takeover of Motorola will change this policy of Moto.

Readers can find out more information about the Developer Edition of the RAZR here.

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