Motorola To Give $100 Credit To Owners Of Handsets Not Getting Jelly Bean

Google’s take-over of Motorola has slowly started showing its effect. The Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR HD MAXX might not be downright impressive handsets, but the custom skin from Motorola is. The company’s skin does not interfere much with stock ICS, and adds some nice little features which will be appreciated by all.

Last night, when Motorola announced its three new RAZR branded handsets, it also made another major announcement. The new CEO of the company has announced that most of its handsets released in 2011 will get the Jelly Bean update. If for some reason your Motorola handset does not make it to the list, Motorola will give you a free $100 credit to buy a new phone. Users will obviously have to trade-in their old phone to get the $100 credit. Users can, however, very well sell their Motorola phone on Craigslist or Swappa for something much more than $100.

Either way, the $100 credit from Motorola, will allow existing owners to get the recently announced DROID RAZR M for free on a two-year contract, which is a pretty good deal.

The trade-in program requires that users purchase a new Android based handset from Motorola itself, and not from any other company. Owners of Motorola devices can find more details and sign-up for the program here.

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