Motorola Pax: The Best Android “Blackberry” Yet

Motorola was one of the first Android adopters, and launched the first commercially successful Android device – the Motorola Droid. It also launched the first Android Honeycomb tablet – the Motorola Xoom. Unfortunately, the Xoom failed and none of Motorola’s new phones have been able to attract as many users as Samsung (with the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S 2). It has been sidelined by Samsung and HTC when it comes to Android smartphones, at least in the last couple months.

Motorola has been trying to launch a good Blackberry-ish Android smartphone with a QWERTY keypad in a candybar form factor since an year now. It first launched the Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon, and recently, the Motorola XPRT on Sprint. Both of them are promising devices, but haven’t seen a lot of sales.

Today, some images and details of a new Android QWERTY phone were leaked by the guys at ThisismyNext and Android Community. It’s codenamed the Motorola Pax, and looks similar to the Motorola XPRT.

However, it has a larger 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It also comes with a dual core processor, and may sport a larger battery. It will most likely run on Android 2.3.x Gingerbread. Most QWERTY candybar phones sport a smaller display. Though the Pax may be a bit bulky, having a QWERTY as well as a large display is a great combination.

Motorola Sprint Pax

No other details are out yet. We should probably see this device launched in a couple of months.

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