Motorola Overclocks XT720′s Processor Via Software Update

Motorola Overclocks XT720’s Processor Via Software Update

Remember the Motorola Milestone XT720, the first Android phone to sport a Xenon flash? The Motorola XT720’s processor was supposed to run at 720Mhz but it was underclocked to 550MHz and was running at the same. Motorola rolled out a software update for UK and German customers which will make the processor run at 720MHz.


Along with the overclocking, the update brings DLNA support to the XT720. Motorola via a video, gave some cool tips to take great images with your XT720 (the tips are useful for everyone). Here are the useful tips by Motorola.

All the XT720 owners in UK and Germany update your phone for faster performance and DLNA support.