Motorola Droid Gets Unofficial Froyo Upgrade

The Motorola Droid has got its share of Froyo love, thanks to the folks at My Droid World! Until now, only the Google-branded-HTC-made Nexus One had got the official Android 2.2 update. The Android 2.2 updateMotorola Droid for the Motorola Droid is not an official one though. The folks over at My Droid World have released an unofficial Android 2.2 update for the phone.

This unofficial Android 2.2 update works like a charm on the phone, except that Wi-Fi functionality does not work. This is because the kernel of the phone has been replaced to protect the identity of the original source. The update is in nanandroid format, which means users must already have a Motorola Droid, which is rooted.

The unofficial Android update is already pre-rooted so users don’t need to worry about losing their super-privileges. The official update from Motorola is still a few weeksaway though.

Update : The folks over at My Droid World are on a roll! They have just released a new Froyo update for the Motorola Droid, which supports both Wi-Fi and Overclocking! The CPU speed has been hardcoded into the kernel, so the update is available in different clock speedversions. Here is a link to the thread.

Update 2-: Apparently, the Motorola Milestone cannot be flashed to use custom ROMs. So this “unofficial” Froyo update is only for Motorola Droid owners. Sorry folks!

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • Is anyone using it right now?

  • muzicoholicated

    This post does not apply to the Motorola Milestone. This is only for the Motorola Droid (CDMA) .. while the Milestone is Quad-Band (GSM/UMTS).

  • Mikey

    So my unlocked Milestone will forever be stuck at 2.1-update1 ?

  • shinmai

    I wish people would stop using this "Droid/Milestone"-thing especially when referring to updates and hacks. Pretty much nothing that's made for Droid (roms, bootloaders, exploits etc.) will work on the Milestone.

    These kinds of articles are the reason there's no point in googling for something like "milestone 2.2 update" etc. because 90% of the results will be Droid-only, and the rest will be people complaining on motorolas support-forums…

    • Davo

      You can root the Milestone. Here's video proof:

      • shinmai

        How exactly is that relevant?

        You can root the G1, too, but Droids ROMs won't work on that phone either, but nobody is proclaiming that "G1 has 2.2, read more for details" just because someone hacked a rom for the Droid.

        Any and all Milestone versions are rootable with the vulnerable recovery sbf from here, none of them, however, have the unlocked bootloader of the droid, that would allow one to install custom roms like the 2.2 droid rom being discussed here.

        Oh, btw. Mikey, there's at least a 2.1-update2 coming up in the near future, and Motorola has vaguely hinted at an official froyo for the Droid, which would pretty much mean the same thing for Milestone, just possibly on a different time frame.

        • Gautam


          I have recently purchased an unlocked Motorola Milestone ( DROID) which is unlocked on TATA CDMA network. I have purchased a new connection but TATA is not able tom activate the phone. Can someone help me with the process on how to activate it? I have entered the SIM MIN onto phone settings and have requested TATA to add MEID

  • stephen

    Uhh I am running an unofficial 2.2 update on my milestone so it is possible…

    • adam

      hey stephen – can you share with us how to install 2.2 on milestone???

  • Ramachandran

    when motorola milestone will get android 2.2, im trying with unofficial upgrade of droid but its not wrkg in my milestone, any one can help me out???