Motorola Droid X Root Not Possible Yet

Bad news for all those people who have pre-ordered the Motorola Droid X. The Droid X uses the same bootloader as the one in Motorola Milestone which basically means no Custom ROM and recovery images. Motorola locks clip_image001 the bootloader on the Milestone by using a proprietary encrypted private key. This literally makes it impossible to unlock the bootloader without access to the encryption technology from Motorola.

The only way possible to bypass this encryption method is to find an exploit in the encryption process. As of now, an exploit with the name kexechas the highest chances of meeting with success. Modders have been working hard over the last few months to unlock the bootloader, but have not met with any major success. Even though the bootloader is not unlocked, the Motorola Milestone can still be rooted.

This surely is bad news for future Droid X owners. The Motorola Droid success rate can also be attributed to the high level of modding possible with the phone. Hopefully, the Droid X bootloader will be unlocked within a short span of time.


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Rajesh Pandey

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  • Joy

    Okay, so I was an iPhone 3gs owner until recently. I completely understand why people jailbreak iPhones in general because they are so limited in what can be done to Apple's OS's. I will be getting the Droid X on the day it comes out because of my recent switch to Verizon, and because I am still in my 30 days "worry free" period. What I want to know is if the Android type phones are not locked down like that of Apple's then what does a root do for the OS? Especially for the Droid X? or what would it allow that it doesn't already? I might sound stupid but remember I am new to the Android community.

    • By rooting the bootloader you can install customized ROMS which are often more leaner and meaner.

      By simply gaining system root access you can install apps to take screenshot, overclock/underclock your CPU (to save battery) etc. In the market you will see that some apps are for rooted handsets only.

  • Angel

    If you want the latest and greatest and still root and mod, just buy an HTC EVO!