Motorola Droid Processor Overclocked To 1.1Ghz

Motorola Droid is one of the most popular Android phones in the market right now. The phone runs on Android v2.0. The phone features a 600mhz ARM A8 Cortex processor along with 256Mb of RAM. Even though the Droid features a 600Mhz processor, Motorola have underclocked the processor to run at 500Mhz.


Droid has also been selling in very well numbers. Verizon reportedly sold 1.1million Droids in the last quarter. Due to its popularity, Droid has become a favorite among the modding community. A lot of custom ROMs are available for Droid. These custom ROMs added many new features to the phone, increase the amount of free RAM etcetera. Now a modder with the username tasmanian_droid over at the AllDroid forums has been successful in overclocking the processor of his Droid to 1.1Ghz. After its overclocked speed of 1.1Ghz, the speed of the Droid processor is more than the default speed of the Nexus One 1Ghz Snapdragon processor.

The modder (tasmanian_droid) also posted benchmarks of the overclocked processor on the forums. He benchmarked the processor after overclocking it to a speed of 900Mhz, 990Mhz, 1Ghz and 1.1Ghz. The results of the benchmarks are as follows –

  • 900MHz
    7.646 Mflops/s on linpack
    3054 on BenchmarkPi
  • 990MHz
    8.367 Mflops/s on linpack
    2695 on BenchmarkPi
  • 1GHz
    8.498 Mflops/s on linpack
    2661 on BenchmarkPi
  • 1.1GHz
    9.254 Mflops/s on linpack
    2435 BenchmarkPi

Currently the Droid processor is stable at an overclocked speed of 850Mhz, 350Mhz up from its stock speed. Currently the 1Ghz overclock works on Droid phones running on the Sholes ROM. The steps for overclocking the Droid along with all the required files can be found here.

Keep in mind that Overclocking the processor of the phone, will increase the battery consumption. It may also decrease the life of the processor. It can also lead to an increase in the working temperatures of the phone.

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