Motorola Droid HD Pictures Leak; Trumps Droid Bionic In Every Aspect

The Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the most anticipated phones of this year. The phone was announced back at CES, but was later postponed to the 2nd half of 2011, for some unknown reason. The Droid Bionic will be the first dual-core processor powered phone to support Verizon’s blazing fast 4G LTE network.

Now, it looks like Motorola is already working on another phone, which trumps the Bionic in every aspect. The Droid HD will presumably come with HD (1280×720) resolution on 4.5-inch of touch-screen real estate. In all probability, the Droid HD will be powered by the dual-core OMAP4430 processor, which is also found in the Droid 3, and the upcoming Droid Bionic. Unlike the Droid 3 though, the HD will come with an ample 1GB of RAM.

However, where the Droid HD will trump the Droid Bionic is in terms of thinness. The handset is slim, insanely thin, and I am talking about the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S II level thinness here. Sadly, all this thinness comes from the fact that the HD will not be a 4G LTE capable phone. It will be a world phone, nonetheless.

The usual array of ports including a mini-HDMI port, along with the usual bunch of sensors and antennas are also present. There is also an 8MP camera at the back of the HD, which like its name, is capable of shooting videos in full HD resolution. The HD will also come with a beefy internal battery. You got to sacrifice something for all that kind of slimness!



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