Motorola To Start Rolling Out a New Software Update For Droid Bionic; Nop, Still Not ICS!

Good news Droid Bionic owners! Motorola will soon start rolling out a new software update for your handset. The bad news? It’s NOT Ice Cream Sandwich. It looks like Motorola thinks that it should fix the existing bugs with the Bionic, before upgrading the handset to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Below is the full change-log of the update via Droid-Life -:

Application Updates/Improvements

  • Updated Visual Voicemail access URL
  • Preload Google R10 GMS apps

Stability and Performance Improvements

  • Visual Voicemails are sent to a device but no notification is given to the user
  • Bluetooth call tones are too loud
  • The APN table can be overwritten by 3 rd party applications, resulting in an inability to camp on the LTE network
  • DNS cache is not refreshed when moving from EHRPD to LTE
  • IPv6 default route is left over after LTE to EHRPD handoff
  • Added support for IPv6 over eHRPD
  • Reduce blank screen lock ups with inability to power up
  • Device may show a white 4G icon but the user is unable to connect to Internet
I still cannot understand what Motorola is trying to achieve here. Instead of rolling out an important Android OS update, the company is busy in rolling out bugfixes for one of its high-end handset. No wonder Motorola is not popular among Android developers and knowledgeable Android users.

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