Motorola Cliq Finally Gets Android 2.1 Update

Motorola Cliq

The wait is finally over for the Motorola Cliq users. Last month, we posted that Motorola Cliq will get an Android 2.1 update in mid-November and finally the update is available for all Motorola Cliq handsets. This update is not available Over-The-Air (OTA) and it needs to be downloaded manually from the Motorola’s website.


  • A fully charged Motorol Cliq with an active SIM card
  • A microSD card installed in your phone with approximately 100 MB of free space.
  • Internal phone storage space approximately 40MB free.
  • Latest version of Android 1.5 software Blur_Version.1.6.1.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US

The whole process will take an hour to complete the update. The Android 2.1 update brings six new home screens, battery-life saving widgets, enhancements in Google Maps, Task Manager and more. To update your handset, head over to this page.

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