Motorola Backflip Gets Android 2.1 Update

motorola backflip

Motorola Backflip owners has a reason to cheer, since Motorola recently announced that, an Android OS update is available for the Motorola Backflip smartphone. More than 1000 Motorola Backflip users that had signed up via Motorola’s support forums already got the Android 2.1 update, but now its available for everyone.


  • Improved Text Messaging
  • Improved Display
  • Camera Correction
  • Bluetooth Improvements
  • Removes Size Restrictions for Ringtones
  • Improved Network Connection
  • Better Performance of Android Market
  • Improved Stability
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Improved Audio & Video Playback

The upgrade will take approximately 40 minutes to complete via SRT method or 25 minutes via SD card side load method. 40MB of device memory and 100MB of SD card memory is required in order to upgrade the OS. Once a device has been upgraded to Android 2.1, it will not be possible to downgrade to Android 1.5 OS. To update your handset, head over to this page.

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