Motorola Working on an Alternative to Android

About a couple of years back, when Motorola’s mobile division was slowly bleeding to death, and it was no longer considered the behemoth that it once was, its CEO, Sanjay Jha, made a huge bet on Android. Motorola immediately stopped working on other mobile OSes and focused its efforts solely on the Android OS.

Its first big hit was the Motorola Droid, which was followed by the Droid X and the Droid 2. It was very instrumental in pushing for the mass market adoption of Android as an OS.

Now, it seems that Motorola is getting a bit apprehensive about putting all its weight behind a single platform. It is apparently working on an alternative to Android, a web based mobile OS. It has been on a hiring spree lately, getting some top executives as well as engineering talent from Adobe and Apple to work on this new project. Motorola may be right about this; it’s the only major Android phone manufacturer which doesn’t offer products powered by an alternative OS. Samsung has Bada, HTC has Brew, and both have Windows Phone 7. Oracle’s recent patent infringement claims against Android may also have played a part in Motorola reconsidering its fidelity to Android.

A Motorola spokesperson stated that “Motorola Mobility is committed to Android as an operating system”, but didn’t deny any rumors that it was working on an alternative.

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