Motorola and Google Working On The “X Phone”

Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is working with Motorola on their first big device, known internally as the “X Phone”.

WSJ reports that Motorola and Google is looking at using flexible displays with a ceramic body so that the phone can be more stress-resistant. However, the companies are running into some supply-management issues, which might lead them to re-think their strategy.

Reports also suggest that Google and Motorola are focusing on making the camera top-notch, hardware wise as well as software wise.

While Motorola has consistently failed to come-up with a remarkable handset in the last couple of years, the push from Google might just be it all needs.

Don’t expect this new handset from Google-Motorola to come out anytime soon. With the Nexus 4 just being released, this new handset won’t hit the shelves until late next-year.

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Rajesh Pandey

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