Forget Email, Spammers Are Looking Forward to the Mobile Platform Now

With the average computer user getting more tech savvy each day and the average mobile user just catching up, spammers are seeing the mobile platform as a viable option for expanding their notorious business.


Awareness against spam has gone up over the last one year and as a direct result, email spam has gone down visibly. As ZDNet says in this post, only 80% of the current email traffic is spam. Although the figure is nothing to be proud of, it is a vast improvement over earlier spam levels. So much so, that this is supposedly the lowest spam we have seen after 2007. However, in the last quarter of 2010, mobile spams increased up to 46 percent when compared with the fourth quarter of 2009.

The two primary platforms that are victims of mobile spam are undoubtedly Symbian, because it is so popular and Android, because it is so vulnerable. A quote from McAfee as it appears on ZDNet says,

In the past three months, we saw the lowest spam volumes since 2007, but at the same time, we identified attacks on new devices such as smartphones using the Android operating system. Mobile malware and threats have been around for years, but we must now accept them as part of the mobile landscape, both in awareness and deployment.

Spam can be fought with simple awareness and now that businesses are becoming more prominent on the mobile platform too, mobile users need to get aware against spams immediately. However, a comment on the same post at ZDNet has led to the question if these reports are bloated. The comment is quoted below.

This is like pharmaceutical companies not releasing cures for diseases but just symptomatic medications because you can make more money. If your entire business model relies on there being bad stuff out there you want people to think there is lots of bad stuff out there. Biased doesn’t begin to describe.

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