Mobile Is a Serious Addiction

A survey carried out by Intel Corporation reveals interesting statistics regarding to what extent people are addicted to their mobile phones.  The survey was performed across different demographics across the globe demonstrating eye-opening results. It concluded that 80% of the respondents keep their cell-phone by their beds during sleep, 40% of them answer phone calls while in the bathroom and 40% are glued to their cellular devices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

"Proximity to Mobile is Addictive" - Intel


According to the survey, the Hispanics are top-ranked in sharing images and videos. When it comes down to playing games, the Asians take the cake whereas the Africans topped in sending SMS. The survey further reported that North Americans confessed in spending nearly 3 hours a day on their mobiles exchanging different kinds of content.

When adolescents come in the picture, the results are even more alarming. 50% of adolescents send 3330 text messages on average per month.

Intel’s survey goes to state that 20% of the people would prefer to lose their wallets/purses than their cellular devices and 43% stated that a cell phone is part of a life style while 50% assure that not having a smart-phone would cut into their social lives.

This article was originally shared by Noticias Cuatro.