Android, RIM Gain Market Share, Apple Stable, Motorola Drops [Mobile Market Share]

comScore has released a new report on Mobile market share for quarter ending January 2010. There is not much surprise there, but has taken a huge leap in the market share gaining 4.3% to have a market share of 7.1% in January 2010, RIM too gained 1.7% to remain the market leader with 43% share.

OEM Market Share January 2010

Motorola saw a disappointing quarter losing 1.2% share in the handset market, however, they were still market leaders with 22.9%, followed by LG with 21.7%, Samsung with 21.1% and Nokia with 9.1%. RIM, the manufactures of Blackberry saw the only modest increase in devices with a 1.4% increase over October.

Smartphone Market Share January 2010

In the Smartphone market, which consisted of 42.7 million users, RIM was the market leader with 43% market share, followed by Apple with 25.1% and Microsoft with 15.7%. Microsoft lost around 4% market share, which was promptly picked up by Google with their Android OS gaining over 4.3% market share.

Text messages were still the top reason for which the mobile devices were used, followed by browsing, gaming, apps and social networking. All of the phone activities saw an increase during this quarter.

From the data available it is becoming clearer now that Android will definitely make a huge dent into the mobile market in 2010. Windows Phone 7 which is slated to release later this year might pull back some users for Microsoft, however, it is more than certain that they will be the biggest loser in the next few quarters.

Apple has also not made any significant leaps, which suggests that users are starting to prefer Blackberry over Apple, and also shifting to other devices which are powered by Android and Nokia.

The data was released by comScore MobiLens service, which tracked over 234 million American mobile subscribers.

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