Mobile Internet & Advertising Conference 2009

Julysystems, a mobile media company,on 20th July 2009 organized Mobile Internet & Advertising conference(MIA). Here are the few highlights that were discussed.

  •  Rajesh Reddy, CEO of July Systems, in his presentation concluded that Mobile will be the internet. With 6.2 million fixed line users out of 117.8 million mobile users, use internet on mobile.
  • Advertising on mobile is the future for compelling content, ROI for advertisers, and a broad user base.
  • Reasons for Mobile Internet Adoption in the US:
    • Faster networks,
    • Better devices
    • Easy discovery of content
    • Improved reporting and metrics
    • Better prices
  • Rahul Pandey, Head Mobile 18, disclosed that popular brands such as IBN Live, Moneycontrol and Cr,icketnext receive 1 million mobile internet users every day.
  • Pandey, narrated the email he received from a mobile internet user from remote India with no access to business channels, that used the Moneycontrol mobile site to navigate the stock market to his benefit.
  • It was discussed that the reach mobile internet market is rapidly increasing with more people opting for more feature based mobiles. The only challenge is to convert those high-end mobile phone users into internet users.

Here are few videos of the conference and panel discussion:


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