Mobile Buzz Updates Edition #1

For those in the unawares few days ago we launched Mobile Buzz, which is a part of the Techie Buzz Network. Mobile Buzz will be focused on delivering the latest mobile news, mobile applications, cell phones, phone plans and practically everything related to mobiles.

We launched Mobile Buzz to separate the mobile news from our regular tech offerings, we are always focused on bringing the best tech news to our readers and will continue expanding the Techie Buzz Network to cover new verticals in the industry.

Mobile Buzz is authored by me and Unitechy, who is a engineering student who loves to cover telecom news, we hope you find it interesting and continue to help us grow, do subscribe to the Mobile Buzz Feeds to get the latest updates, or subscribe to the Mobile Buzz Newsletter to get regular updates in your inbox.


Before we go ahead with our first updates, we are looking for writers in the hardware/gadget niche, if you are interested to write for us, feel free to drop us a line using the contact us form, we would be glad to get things rolling.

Here are few updates from Mobile Buzz that might interest you:

Don’t forget to give us your feedback, we definitely look forward to hearing more from you about Mobile Buzz.

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