Microsoft To Launch Marketplace For WinMo 6.5 Tomorrow

Apple was the first one to launch an App Store for iPhone, and it was an instant success. Today iPhone’s App Store boasts of more than 75,000 applications and games, and a huge developer base. Realizing the potential of aWindowsMobileLogo Marketplace for Applications, Google and Palm also launched an App Store for their phones.

Though their app store could not match iPhone’s App Store success due to the lack of a huge developer base, but nevertheless they were quite successful. Microsoft has also launched an Application Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5 based phones. Currently the WinMo marketplace only has 40 applications, but the official launch is still a day away. Few users have been able to access the WinMo marketplace on their phone from today itself. Users can access the WinMo Marketplace using their Windows Live ID and pay for applications and games using their Credit Card.

Out of the 40 applications available in the marketplace right now, few of the popular ones are Facebook, Street Fighter II and Pac-Man. Reports also suggest that EA has signed a contract with Microsoft and they will be releasing some games for the store including Sims 2 for WinMo Phones.

Have you been able to access the WinMo marketplace? If yes, do share your views about it.

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