Rumor: Microsoft to Buy Nokia’s Mobile Division?

On the face of it, it seems like just another outrageous rumor being spread just to garner clicks and pageviews. But when you consider the source of the rumor, and his previous track record, it forces you to think whether or not it might be true.

The rumor is from Eldar Murtazin, the founder of Mobile-review, and his sources have been right more often than not. When he first said that Microsoft and Nokia were in discussions about Nokia using Windows Phone 7 as their primary OS, no one believed it at first, but as we all know, it turned out to be the truth.

Which is why, today, when Eldar said that Microsoft was planning to buy Nokia’s Mobile Division before the end of 2011, no one is doubting that it might turn out to be true, however remote the possibility might be.

@eldarmurtazin : “MS & Nokia deal could be closed in 2011. MS want to buy Nokia Mobile division. No info about price/terms/dates.”

While the deal makes no sense to me, considering that Microsoft has already signed a deal with Nokia which makes Windows Phone 7 the primary OS in all Nokia smartphones, Microsoft has been known to make bold purchases. Nokia’s market cap is currently around $32 billion, so Microsoft could easily buy the whole of it if it wanted to. I’m wondering if it might fit in with Microsoft’s recent buy – Skype.

One reason why Microsoft may want to buy Nokia is because it now wants to finally control its own hardware, like Apple, instead of licensing its OS to other manufacturers to fight Android. In the meanwhile, Nokia’s PR seems to have commented that Eldar’s rumors are ‘getting less accurate with every passing moment.’ Do note that they haven’t clearly denied it, so the rumors may in fact turn out to be true.

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