Microsoft Releases “We’re In” Bing App

Microsoft has unwrapped a new Bing app that goes by the clever and self-explanatory name of “We’re In“. The app allows  a user to send out invitations to selected friends for an event. An expiration date for each invitation can be toggled in order to turn off location sharing at a predefined time. Once launched, the app allows you to select a list of people to invite to your event along with details, such as location, time or other personal notes.

Once a user accepts the invitation and sends a reply, their location is visible to you and vice-versa. This works similar to how Google Latitude does, displaying all your friends on a map relative to your location.  Each user can control their invitation expiration and can view other friends in the group. This makes for a much easier way to manage who can see where you are and when they can see where you are.

The unofficial motto behind Windows Phone is “get in, get out, get back to life’. This app is a perfect example of the route that Microsoft has taken with designing Windows Phone and the services they provide to users. They reduce the amount of required  interactions in order to make getting information extremely fast and extremely simple. The newest update to Windows Phone, dubbed Mango, brings along some refreshing changes  that enhance the user experience and ultimately aligns Windows Phone with it’s competitors.

Unfortunately the We’re In app is only available to users in the United States (due to “location data regulations”, as per the Bing Team) and it is not available for all current devices.  In the mean time, users who are looking for a cross-platform and completely free service that has very similar functionality should check out Glympse.