Michael Dell Says Developing For Windows Phone Is Easier Than Android

Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Michael Dell has been quoted saying that developing for Microsoft’s Windows Phone   platform is easier compared to Android, based on the feedback he got from developers. The comment is quite interesting given Dell has two firsts, Dell Venue Pro, their Windows Phone and an Android based tablet the Dell Streak.

Developer enthusiasm is crucial for the success of Windows Phone 7. According to reports there are close to 12,000 registered developers for the platform and more than a 1,000 apps in the Zune marketplace. Considering that Windows Phone 7 devices are yet to launch in the US, there seems to be fair amount of momentum.

Michael Dell acknowledged Android’s lead over Apple and said, What’s interesting about the smartphone space is how it’s changing into a more open-modular system. It’s staggering that Android has now surpassed Apple in terms of originations and this is happening at a much, much faster rate than what folks had envisioned.”

Dell Streak v2 to be a Windows based device? Windows CE perhaps?

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