Mi-Fone Introduces 4 Phones In India

Africa based Mobile company, Mi-Fone, recently announced that it will be entering the Indian market soon, and it did with a bang. Mi-Fone introduced not one, not two but four phones in the Indian Market. With the target audience being youngsters, the phones range between 3000-5000 INR.



Mi-5QS is a Dual SIM QWERTY handset with a 2.2″ LCD Colour Screen Display. It features a Mi-Q (voice/SMS), Mi-Q1 GPRS with VGA Camera, Mi-Q5S and MI-APPSwhich offers a Blackberry experienceto the mass market by including Push email and Messenger etc. The handset has a talktime of 5hrs with standby time of 360hrs and is priced at Rs 3220 approx.



Mi-338 is a touch screen device a 2.4″ LCD display with a resolution of 240*320. Other features include an Analog TV,VGA Camera, MP3 and video capability as well as support for SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP and a shake sensor. The device sports 3hrs talktime with 200 hrs standby time. It is priced at Rs.4370 approx.



Mi-350a is also a touch screen dual SIM device. One of its special features being double battery which gives a talktime of10hrs and 720hrs standby time. The device has a 2.4″ LCD Display with a resolution of 240*320, Bluetooth, VGA Camera, Video Player, FM radio, MP3 Player and support for GRPS/WAP/MMS. It is priced at 4600 INR.



Mi-2010 is a low cost Dual Sim handset which features a 1.8″ LCD Color Display with VGA Camera, MP3 player, FM radio with support for GPRS, WAP, MMS and is priced at Rs 3000 approx.

While the devices are targeted towards the youngsters the design isn’t. The device design looks like a cheap copy of LG and Nokia devices.

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