MeeGo is finally Out – Try it on your N900 now

Finally, the first MeeGo build for Nokia N900 is available for download. For those of you who don’t know, MeeGo is a new OS developed by Intel and Nokia. All of Nokia’s Tablets and Intel Atom based devices will now be powered by MeeGo.

MeeGo devs have made two different images. The first one contains only Open Source software while the second one has Nokia’s software as well. The download links are given below:

  • MeeGo with Open Source Software.
  • MeeGo with Nokia’s Software.

You will need Nokia’s flashing tool to install MeeGo on N900. Download it here.

Warning: Flashing your phone to install MeeGo will erase all data from your phone. Get a backup of all important data before doing this.

2 thoughts on “MeeGo is finally Out – Try it on your N900 now”

  1. Will Meego have most of the applications that Debian has? I mean, I know Debian/Ubuntu well and with Maemo having Debian under the hood, I rest assured knowing that all the applications I need on the N900 are available to me, such as gapless music player software (aqualung) and ssh and openvpn etc.

    Is the new Meego OS going to be just as well endowered?

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