MeeGo 1.0 Updated For Netbooks

MeeGo 1.0 which was released for Netbooks and last month has been updated to fix bugs and add new features. The core MeeGo OS for netbooks has been updated to MeeGo 1.0.1 and only supports netbooks running on the Intel Atom processors.

MeeGo 1.0 OS

The update versioned MeeGo v1.0.1 has over 100 bug fixes and is a recommended update for all users running MeeGo 1.0. MeeGo has now been update to use kernel and also has improvements in 3D performance. USB storage finding time has been decreased from 5 seconds to 1 second too.

In addition to that, there are also enhancements in the web browser and several fixes for the mail client. Users who are already using MeeGo 1.0 will get an notification that you have an "Important update available". Click Install updates when you see this notification, and follow the instructions on the screen to install your updates.  You can also manually update MeeGo 1.0 to the latest version by navigating in the user interface to Applications -> System Tools -> Update System.

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