Mary Meeker: Mobile Internet Usage Surpassed Desktop Internet Usage In India
By on May 31st, 2012

Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker at the D10 Conference gave her latest presentation of Internet Trends. Our take away from her presentation? Well, Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop internet usage in India, as of April 2012. The numbers come from Statcounter’s Global stats.

Apart from that, some interesting takeaways from the presentation:

  • There are 121 million internet users in India as of 2011 and is growing at 38% y-o-y. Yet the internet penetration in India is just at 10% as of 2011.
  • There’s been only 4% 3G penetration in India.
    However, with operators reducing 3G data costs, this might change soon. It’s interesting to note that telecom analysts in India expect India to make a leap from 2G & 2.5G directly to 4G.
  • Global mobile internet traffic has grown to 10% that of desktop internet traffic.
  • The combined revenue from mobile growth has resulted in growth in revenue but most of it, about 71% comes from selling mobile apps and only 29% from mobile advertising.
  • Effective CPM for mobile internet is 5 times lower than desktop internet.

If these stats interest you, you can download the presentation from here (pdf).

One can only ponder why ads on mobile aren’t really as effective as on desktop. Because of the smaller screen? Anyone?

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