Make cheap calls: Cherry call

A new service named Cherry call is being launched, and claims to make cheap calls without SIM card. Definitely worth checking it out. And you ask me how is that possible? They will be using Wi-fi technology to make calls.cherry

Interesting concept. But will this service be available worldwide? If it would then awesome! I imagine going on a trip abroad and making cheap calls to my dear ones :).

I went forward to check the number of destinations it will be supporting and i was amazed!! Its a lot. Almost each and every country is supported. All you’ll have to do is download their software and start using their service. Calls rates are as cheap as 2.5paise/min. The best part is you can shift between SIM and WI-FI calls.

Since they would be using Wi-fi for connectivity, your phone should support Wi-fi/WLAN service. If you see, its just VOIP calls you make over Fring or any other VOIP service but here instead of GPRS you’ll use Wi-fi. So technically speaking this service is of no use if you don’t hangout in area with WI-FI connectivity.

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