Why I Won’t Stand In A Line For The Lumia 920

The anticipation for Apple’s first few iPhones created a new phenomenon in phone buying–the long wait lines outside stores a night before. While this is a good litmus test to gauge buyer enthusiasm, it’s kinda silly since the phone can be pre-ordered. Anyhow, companies have been trying to replicate Apple’s success. While the iPhone 5 has its charm, I will stick to Windows Phone and end up buying the Nokia Lumia 920. But I won’t be the first customer in Syracuse. I won’t buy it the day it is available or line up a night before–not because the demand in Syracuse is so high but because the $199 price will fall within a week. Why you ask? Let’s go down memory lane…

When the Samsung Focus launched, I got it the same morning it launched, for $199. A few weeks later, the price went down to $0.1. I felt like an idiot but I guess I was too excited about the phone. The same happened during the Windows Phone 7.5 device launch. The holiday season is very tricky for retailers–they want to get as many devices out as possible. For Nokia and Microsoft their failure to compete with Apple’s launch date is an added indicator of price. The company will want whoever they can get, and in such a scenario, dropping the price is one of the oldest trick in the book.

I expect Lumia 920 to go through similar price cycles as previous Windows Phone devices have. $199 on launch and drop during the holiday season. I’d suggest potential buyers hold out a few more weeks after launch. This will be Nokia’s first Windows Phone launch during the lucrative holiday season and I expect them to follow the herd in dropping prices.

I won’t be the first, but I’d rather save the money to get some Nokia accessories.

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Manan Kakkar

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