Nokia Lumia 920 & 820: Dead on Arrival

I usually do not write obituaries on this site, but it is unfortunate that I will be writing my first one. Both Nokia and Microsoft are doomed in the phone arena and they will basically be the laughing stock of the holiday season, if both of these actually manage to release a device by then.

First off, I have been the biggest Nokia fan you might have ever met and used the Nokia N95 as my primary phone till last year. However, with their their erratic phone releases and customer confusion (read my postmortem from Nokia World 2010), I have left any hope that Nokia would actually do any good going forward.

They not only create consumer confusion with their confusion with their old devices, but they do that with their current devices as well. For example, when the person who was talking to me about the difference between the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 920, he practically explained how the glass on the edges of both the devices were different.

When a guy with the latest device in the range has to do that, I find it the most hilarious thing. And that is truly the difference between a Nokia Lumia 900 and a 920. Go ahead and check it out yourselves.

Windows 8 Phone on the device is not ready yet, and it won’t be for a while. The device hung 95% of the times when someone tried to use a non Nokia-Microsoft approved app. Overall it’s the biggest disaster of a phone I have seen in my life.

Two things the Lumia device excelled in were Maps and Camera which makes me wonder why Nokia does not just stop manufacturing phones and just leasing software.

Both the Nokia 920 and 820 are DOA. Period.

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