Lobbying For Opera On The iPhone

Let’s get this clear, Apple has a very bad practice of rejecting apps, which are uhm, better than what they can come up with (amongst other reasons) for frivolous reasons a potboiler movie could be made out of.


In the next few weeks, will submit a new browser to the app store for the . The Opera browser for iPhone looks brilliant and has features which Apple could not cook up in the previous 3 4 generations of iPhone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a iPod Touch and love browsing on Safari, but the fact is that Opera is a better mobile browser, and I have used it extensively on my Symbian S60 phone (and also on a Phone) for years now, however, I am sad for fanboys while I say that the Opera browser rocks and Safari sucks.

The fact that Opera has touch to enlarge portion and single finger navigation makes it much better than Safari which has pinch to enlarge, based on the videos I have seen. Repeated requests to Opera team members to send me the actual Opera app has gone unheeded.

I can envision a funny scenario on the email that Apple sends to Opera while rejecting their app from the app store:

Sorry, we have rejected your app, because we don’t want competition and don’t include apps which are better than ours. To top it your browser has tabbed navigation for easier access, a better home screen, a better touch interface and in the end makes Safari look like a lame app? For this and only this reason, should we say these reasons, we are rejecting the Opera Mini browser application from the app store.

Please feel free to distribute your app through Cydia or any other channels which jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch use, after all it’s free right? We support and wish you best of luck with the unofficial app store for people who crack their devices because they think we are on crack. Cheers!! Steve Jobs and company. Oh well, cheers from Apple too.

We don’t need lobbyists to push how good the Opera browser will turn out on the iPhone or iPod Touch. However, knowing Apple, they would not allow a "much better" app, specially a browser "which is a competition to an apple product", to float around on the iPhone, specially when it competes with Safari. 100 cheers to closed software and stupid app approvals.

Let’s hope that Apple does approve the app and gives me a chance to not jailbreak iPhone to enjoy the forbidden fruit. If Apple does a turnaround and approves Opera for the iPhone and iPod Touch, I promise all the fanboys that I will buy an .

3 cheers to Opera, hope to see you soon on the iPhone.

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