[Holiday Season Sale] List Of Apps And Games On Sale In The Play Store

Christmas/New Year are fast approaching and so is the Holiday season in the United States. The Holiday season is a pretty lucrative quarter for the mobile companies in terms of sales. Most app developers try to rake in moolah by putting their apps on sale in the spirit of the holiday season and to lure new users.

The Holiday season sale has already kick-started in the Play Store, with most developers discounting their apps or games to  a mere $0.99. If you have been a miser throughout the year, rarely spending money on apps, this is perhaps your best chance to grab some of the most popular apps and games in the Play Store at a very low price.

Below is a list of apps and (mostly) games that have gone on sale in the Play Store. I will update the list as and when I find more apps -:

If there are any other apps or games that are up for sale and not in the list above, do drop in a comment and let us know!

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