Light Flow and Plume For Android Receive Updates; Makes Them Infinitely More Beautiful

Back in 2011, it looked like LED notification light on Android phones are on the verge of extinction with nearly every handset maker giving it the boot. Thankfully, Google re-introduced the Notification LED in a very beautiful way on the Galaxy Nexus, and since then every high-end Android phone comes with one, including the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you have already owned an Android handset in the past with a notification LED, chances are you must have heard about Light Flow. Light Flow is a must have application if your phone has a notification LED. The application allows users to customize the notification LED according to a specific contact or application making the LED insanely useful. The only problem with Light Flow was its ugly UI. The app is the perfect example of why Android apps are criticized for their UI. Thankfully, last night Light Flow received a major update to v3.0 which brings a totally new and overhauled UI.

The application now follows the Ice Cream Sandwich Holo design principles, and looks infinitely more beautiful than the previous version. If your phone has a LED notification light and you have not tried Light Flow, go ahead and try it now!

Apart from Light Flow, another popular Twitter client for Android – Plume – received a major update. Plume got an UI update nearly a month-and-half ago, but even then the application lacked that wow feel. The UI still felt clunky, and nothing to die for.

However, the new update replaces the old icons with new Ice Cream Sandwich based icons and tweaks the UI slightly, giving Plume’s UI the much-needed wow effect. The new update also contains a lot of new features including Facebook support, ability to share profiles via NFC and more.

Head over to Google Play to download the new update for Plume.

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