LG Dumps Windows Phone, Chooses to Focus on Android

LGWe already know that in spite of pretty favorable reviews, Windows Phone devices haven’t been selling all that well. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently showered Windows Phone with praises for its beautifully designed and engaging interface. Unfortunately, most consumers are yet to share his enthusiasm. Windows Phone currently has less than a tenth of Android’s market share, and the jury is still out on the success of its poster boy – the Lumia 900. Last year was a pretty tough one for most mobile handset manufacturers. Barring Apple and Samsung, pretty much everyone else had reasons to worry. Nokia was probably the one hardest hit. The once market leader is now in a battle for survival having put all its chips on Microsoft’s mobile operating system (OS). However, another struggling manufacturer has decided to cut its losses and move away from the platform.

LG has announced that going forward it will be focusing its efforts on Android handsets, which were largely responsible for the Korean giant turning in a profit after spending seven straight quarters in the red. LG believes that “the total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure”. As a result, it will not be releasing any new Windows Phone devices in the near future. It will, however, continue research and development efforts on Microsoft’s OS.

To be honest, LG’s Windows Phone offerings have been pretty mundane, and it’s not surprising that they failed to gain any real traction. This decision also makes sense for LG financially, as it will allow them to innovate more in Android handsets, which are its best bet for regaining market share. However, LG’s departure is also sad, as it will only make things tougher for a platform that truly deserves to succeed.

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