LG To Bring The First Windows Phone 7

We have seen many leaked pictures of devices running Windows Phone 7, but none had a brand name written on it. Finally, a leaked picture of a LG phone appears with Windows Phone 7 running on it. The picture was posted on Flickr by a French Microsoft employee. The model name is LG Panther.lg-wp7_2

The pictures shows the three hardware button, which seems like back, Start and search from left to right, respectively. In terms of hardware, the phone is expected to have a WVGA or more resolution capacitive screen. The camera is expected to be 5MP or more with HD video recording capabilities. It will also have a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The processor is expected to have a clock speed of 1GHZ or more.

The specification is not official, it is only assumptions. However, the homescreen looks extremely good. I don’t think it will take much long to get an official confirmation of this phone.