LG Revolution Gets a Major Bug-Squashing Software Update

LG and Verizon will start rolling out a new software update for the LG Revolution, by this week’s end. While the update does not bump the Android version to Gingerbread, it does fix a number of bugs with the Revolution.


Here is the full changelog :

Email and Messaging

  • Out of Officefeature now available for Exchange email.
  • Auto-correct no longer incorrectly activates in email, ID and search message fields,
  • Setting up email with multiple servers has been fixed.
  • No longer receive duplicate emails on Yahoo Mail

Call Features

  • When on a call while in Vibrate mode and an incoming call is received, a short beep notification will sound instead of a vibration.

Device Features

  • Keyboard no longer automatically opens when viewing a text message. Tap in text entry field to activate it.
  • View album art for MPEG4 files on Music Player.

Applications and Widgets

  • Voice data app now preloaded to enable text to speech.
  • V Cast Music, V Cast Video and V Cast Tones come preloaded.
  • Other apps like Amazon Kindle, Netflix, and Tunewiki etc. have also been updated.

As readers can see from the changelog, LG has squashed a lot of bugs with this software update. Verizon has also taken this opportunity to load more bloat ware on the Revolution. Verizon will start rolling out the update from this week’s end, and aims to complete the roll-out within a week.

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