LG Optimus LTE Crosses The 1 Million Sales Figure Mark!

LG has announced in a press release that its Optimus LTE handset has surpassed 1 million sales figure mark, since the company introduced it in October last year. The Optimus LTE was the first LTE capable handset with a HD display, which has definitely played a big role in its success. The majority of the handsets sale came from Korea (up to 600,000 units), while the rest coming from Japan, Canada and the United States.  LG also managed to sell 8500 units of the Optimus LTE on its launch day in Japan.

Thanks to Android’s exponential growth as a mobile OS, quite a few handset manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have also grown leaps and bounds. While LG also manufacturers Android handsets and tablets, the Korean company has not been as successful as the other Korean company – Samsung.

LG was the first company to release a dual-core powered Android handset – Optimus 2X/T-Mobile G2X – but the extremely unstable software on the phone and some niggling build quality issues made a dent on its sales.  Hopefully, the upcoming handsets from the company will be much more stable, software wise, and will improve the company’s dwindling profits.

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