LG Announces Ice Cream KF 350 For Women’s Day


Now that Women’s day is nearing, which comes on 8th of March, LG felt the need to commemorate the day by launching LG KF 350. The phone as guessed is pretty girlish, in fact too much girlish and is a flip phone.

LG KF 350 sports a 2.2″ QVGA, TFT display and an external LED display that displays time and various other notifications. It also sports various other features like 3MP Camera, QVGA video recording, FM Radio and a MP3 player. It possesses 25MB of internal memory which can be expanded by 2GB microSD card. It supports Bluetooth 2.1, microUSB, EDGE, Java etc.

The LG KF 350 is aptly priced at Rs 7949 and comes in 3 colors namely White-rosy, Blue and Pistachio.

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