Genuine IMEI Implant May Legalize Blocked DoT Phones in India

We have been covering news where DoT (Department of Telecom) India has blocked over 24 million users using fake Chinese handsets, and whether or not the IMEI block will be useful. However, if you are one among the 24 million users whose phone went dead recently, there might still be small hope for you.

You may be able to legalize your fake handset which contains a wrong IMEI number or no IMEI number at all by using the Genuine IMEI Implant program. Using this program you can legalize your phone and start using it again. The best part is that it is supported by DoT and the Government of India.

To legalize your dead handset you will have to visit an authorized GII (Genuine IMEI Implant) center and follow the process to implant a new IMEI on your phone. The process to implant the IMEI will cost you Rs 199 including taxes.

This is definitely a low price to pay, considering that you at-least spent anything between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 to get the phone in the first place.

There are hints that this program may be officially closed. However some reports do suggest that you can still get a Genuine IMEI Implant. Do fish around and see if you can fix your illegal phone and make it legal.

[via UB News]

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