Pricing and Release Date of Several Unannounced Sony Smartphones Leaked

Yet another day, and yet another leak from Sony! GSMArena has published the release date and price of nearly a dozen Sony smartphones. This comes just a day after Sony Xperia Nypon and Lumquat were spotted in a leaked snap. At this rate, Sony won’t have anything to announce at the Mobile World Congress, which will be held next month.

The source of the leak is Sony India, hence the prices as well as release dates are for India. Nevertheless, cost of unlocked phones should be in the similar range in most places around the world.


The list includes several smartphones, such as Atlas, Hayabusa, Mint, Lotus, and AFFM, that we haven’t even heard of. Mint and Hayabusa are particularly interesting because of their prime pricing. They are slated to retail for a fair bit more than the new Xperia S, which was announced at the recently concluded CES. Android Central also made the curious observation that the Atlas will be the second Android device from Sony (previously Sony Ericsson) with a Greek codename. The previous one was the Xperia Play, which went by the codename Zeus. If Sony indeed manages to release a PlayStation certified gaming smartphone for less than €300, then they might finally get the kind of success they were hoping for with the Xperia Play.

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