Leaked: HTC Phone Running Windows Phone 7, Lacks Sense

As the time gets close for the first Windows Phone 7’s launch, many devices running Windows Phone 7 will be emerging. The latest is a HTC phone running WP 7. The phone has a 3.7 inch S-LCD display and not AMOLED.


The reason behind using the S-LCD is that HTC is having a tough time getting AMOLED displays from their providers because of supply short. HTC will be using S-LCD in Desire and Nexus One as well. The S-LCD are the best LCD display in the market with better contrast and wide view angle.


Now talking about this WP 7 phone, along with the 3.7 inch screen it also has a 1GHz processor. The camera is capable of taking images of 8MP resolution. The three buttons below the screen are touch sensitive. But HTC’s Sense UI over Windows Phone 7 is lacking.


The first version will launch in US because it will be CDMA only. Microsoft is currently in talks with two carriers which includes Verizon. There is not much information about the release date and availability but we will keep you updated. Until then enjoy the pictures.

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