Latest Tasker For Android Beta Brings A Major UI Revamp

Tasker is one of the most powerful automation tool available for Android devices. It is one of the few apps that truly harnesses the open nature of Android. While the app may have a steep learning curve, it has unlimited potential – With Tasker, the limit is your imagination.

On the flip side, Tasker is undoubtedly one of the ugliest looking app available in the Play Store. The app has been frequently cited as an example among Android haters and bashers for its horrendous UI and how ugly Android apps can be. Tasker was even featured on one of the episodes of Android Design In Action, where Roman and other Googlers showed off re-design of the app with the Holo theme.

The good news is that the Tasker developer finally started working on a UI revamp of the app sometime ago, and has released an early beta of the app for all to try. The developer of the app has definitely incorporated all the UI tweaks that the Googlers suggested to him in the video. Below are a couple of screenshots which show the revamped UI of the app -:

Along with the UI revamp, the developer has also removed all the deprecated APIs from the app. The new version of the app is only meant for Android 4.0 or higher running devices.

The beta version of Tasker with the revamped UI can be found here. The full change-log for the upcoming Play Store update and changes between betas can be found here.

Via – Reddit

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