Kindle 1.1 For Iphone Released


Amazon updated it free Kindle app for Iphone, adding more features in the app that many demanded. Amazon’s Iphone kindle is a heaven for prolific readers who read mostly on their Iphone. The Iphone Kindle app is a stripped down version of the original Kindle app.

New features to Kindle:

  • A couple of new choices of text color. Version 1.0 just had a single option of black text with white background. The new options now available are-
  • White text on a black background.(Though i                         prefer  reading books on White background and black text, easy on eyes) & Sepia text on an off-white background
  • Kindle now allows readers to read in landscape mode, the feature which everyone wanted and is available on Stanza since ages. It, of course, also allows readers to read in portrait mode. They don’t want to degrade, you know.
  • Pinch to Zoom the images in the book.
  • Tap on either side of the screen or flick to turn pages. In Kindle 1.0 you had to drag your finger across the screen, exactly the way you do while reading a paper book. Though this gave similar experience of reading the paper book, but i am happy with the new method. A new experience.

With these new features and more than 240,000 Kindle-formatted books to select from, I am sure of better experience for the readers. The only point remains is, Kindle does not support huge collection of books from Project Gutenberg.

You can download the application for free from App store.

PS:You can’t loan Kindle books to another reader. You can’t sell them when you’re done reading them

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