iPad Jailbreak "Spirit" Ported From iPhone Jailbreak

iPad Jailbreak "Spirit" Ported From iPhone Jailbreak

It has been only few days since the was released, but it looks like Steve Jobs and company cannot ensure that the next generation device would be safe from jailbreakers for long.

iPad Jailbreak Spirit

A new jailbreak for the called "Spirit" has been ported to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.2 which runs the iPad, the confirmation was tweeted by a iPhone Dev @MuscleNerd. Spirit is a unique jailbreaking technique as it does not require users to download any app.

With the port of the iPhone jailbreak for iPad, users would be able to get rid of restrictions that Apple has placed on the iPad. Considering that iPad does not have any USB connectors, this jailbreak would certainly be helpful since there is no requirement to download anything to your PC or Mac to run the jailbreak.

Spirit might be released in the next few days or weeks, but this announcement will definitely bring a lot of cheer to people who wanted to purchase the iPad but have been waiting for a confirmed jailbreak to make it’s way to the market.

You can watch a video of the jailbreak in action on the iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 below.

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  • amr hassan

    please anyone help me….

    i have iphone 3g 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01 & i jailbreak it with redsn0w 0.9.4, and it is activated & i can use cydia and everything (of-course not the carrier unlock)

    SO. wat is the spirit really do more than what i did…

    Also i noticed that: i must use spirit with an activated iphone with no emergency screen… so whats the difference… please anyone tell me….

    Thanks alot…