Jailbreak iPad: Upcoming Jailbreaks for the iPad

Earlier today, we posted about an upcoming jailbreak for the iPad running OS 3.2. The jailbreak which is known as Spirit and was ported from an iPhone jailbreak is basically a userland jailbreak and does not require any other software to be installed by the user.


However, there are quite a few jailbreaks for the iPad which will be released in the next few days or weeks, depending on how hard Apple has made it for the devs. The first and most likely jailbreak to hit the stands would no doubt be Spirit, but our hot favorite, George Hotz, is also working on a jailbreak for iPad. The new jailbreak will most likely be a port of the untethered jailbreak for iPhone which he came up with earlier last week.

In addition to that, you can also expect iPad jailbreaks from the iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team which had released greenpois0n. Now, jailbreaking an would not be as easy as the iPhone, because there are basically no USB connectors on the iPad and users have to dock the device in order to sync it.

However, considering the past, and how Apple has made it really hard for iPhone devs to create an untethered jailbreak and how developers have overcome all those restrictions, it would only be a matter of time till you see a Cydia store and the ability to install unauthorized app on the iPad.

It would be interesting to see who jumps who on the iPad jailbreaking bandwagon and we will definitely keep an eye on it and update you as we get more information on the iPad jailbreaks.

Image Credit: Fast Company

2 thoughts on “Jailbreak iPad: Upcoming Jailbreaks for the iPad”

  1. This is good news for anyone considering buying an ipad. Apple has traditionally been strict with what they allow users to do with their hardware. So we need ways to get around those restrictions to get the most out of such devices.

  2. now news about the ipad is jailbroken is huge in a few day!

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